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Lawn Care, Landscaping, and Tree Services In the earlier times, designing land properties, is considered a status symbol since most homes that have the extra amount of land or lawns to accommodate such beautification projects are commonly owned by members of the aristocracy, and is often done on palace grounds or religious sites.These areas are common extension of bigger houses and properties that are made more useful by adding ornamental plants and structures to make it more appealing visually. Landscaping, in general, involves the creative modification of outdoor spaces or land areas that may contain plants, natural structures, and bodies of water to improve its aesthetic appeal, and may also include the addition of lights to highlight certain points and improve the visibility of the structure especially at night.Aspiring landscape specialists that want to work as professionals in the field should possess sufficient skills and expertise in the branch of agriculture known as horticulture to fully understand the important factors that must be considered when planning any landscape project.
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Horticulture is a special field in agriculture that studies the different aspects and contributing factors involved in successful plant growth and cultivation, from herbs, vegetables and fruits, to mushrooms, seeds, and flowers. It also employs the use of different technologies to create art using plants, and to understand the science behind its effective cultivation, a set of skills that any aspiring landscape specialist must possess to be efficient in both designing and growing ornamental plants, including the ideal maintenance for it for both residential and commercial areas. Commercial landscapes and lawns are commonly much larger in area size, and vary in required maintenance procedures because of the many different uses that it can be made for. For an instance lawns made for athletic utilization like football or baseball fields require more frequent trimming schedules, patch up works for uprooted bunches of grass, and pesticide treatments to maintain its natural color and appearance, while those lawns with decorative plants and structures require more attention to detail, and periodic weeding and fertilization. Because of the commonly bigger areas that make up commercial fields and its landscapes, more special and heavy duty equipment are required, plus longer working hours for the team that carries out the maintenance procedures, which are composed of experienced landscape artists and assistant field workers. Landscaping teams or commercial lawn care providers must also conduct an assessment of the grounds prior to planning landscaping procedure to ensure that all changes that will be made will fit the size of the lawn and that all other natural conditions are considered.