The Importance of Animal-Based Protein in a Cat’s Diet and Nutritional Supplements

It’s tough to find any encouraging commentary from the experts in regard to feeding a cat a vegan or even a vegetarian diet. Cats are carnivores, but their owners may have ethical considerations that prevent them from eating meat or any animal products whatsoever. People often can eat this type of diet and stay in optimum health. That doesn’t mean it’s a healthy choice for their feline companions, though. In addition, when choosing nutritional supplements for their cats, owners are usually advised by veterinarians and other animal experts to choose those containing protein sourced from animals. The positive results from this action can be read about at a site like

One problem with attempting to turn cats into vegetarians or vegans is the difficulty of providing the correct amounts of amino acids, the basic components of protein. Theoretically, this can be done, although it takes acquiring knowledge and putting forth the effort to create a diet that won’t be lacking in essential nutrients. A possible solution might be to feed the cats a diet without the animal products but be willing to give the pet supplements that are derived from animals. Another possibility is to choose supplements containing synthetic versions of amino acids, but that poses other concerns. People who embrace the no-meat lifestyle tend to gravitate toward fresh, nutritious foods and prefer to avoid artificial ingredients when possible. They now must deal with the question as to whether it makes more sense to feed their cats as carnivores, including providing supplements with natural components instead of artificial ones.

A company such as NuVet Labs chooses to include natural instead of synthetic nutrients because the body absorbs synthetic substances differently, and perhaps not as effectively. For instance, the supplements for feline immune system support and all-around general health include chicken liver for its high level of vitamins and beneficial Omega fatty acids. Chicken liver also is a particularly useful ingredient because it contains all of the essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own. That’s why this type of meat is referred to as a complete protein.