Effective Risk Assessment of SCADA/ICS Infrastructure

Cyber attacks on industrial control systems (ICS) and in particular critical Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and manufacturing infrastructure are now a reality. Cyber criminals are targeting power generation facilities, oil & gas facilities, petroleum refining units, water treatment systems, factories, and metropolitan traffic control systems with network breach, data theft, interruption in work, and denial of service activities, making effective risk assessment of ICS and SCADA security systems a critical component of industrial operations.

Most SCADA/ICS systems have some level of perimeter defense, such as firewalls and network segmentation. Although crossing these levels of security is relatively difficult, attackers are using alternate ways to attack critical infrastructure and their operations. For instance, cyber criminals are using remote access ports to enter internal communication channels, convincing an employee to click on a URL link with malicious attachment or making employees use configuration mistakes in security systems.

Reducing Cyber Security Risk Exposure with Effective Assessment

Vulnerability assessment helps to identify and classify security holes in your ICS/SCADA systems or networks. Vulnerability is a weakness in the network which allows an attacker to reduce a system’s information assurance, either due to system’s susceptibility to a flaw or attacker’s capability to exploit the flaw. Conduct vulnerability assessment of your critical infrastructure to:

  • Review Security Architecture: It helps to analyze the SCADA/ICS environment and the security controls in place along with the connectivity between SCADA environment and corporate network.
  • Test Critical Infrastructure Security: It helps to find out vulnerabilities in ICS/SCADA security systems such as routers, firewalls, database systems, and control servers.
  • Review Wireless and Remote Access: Identify vulnerabilities and weakness in remote access and wireless access into the environment, which could allow attackers to enter the SCADA/ICS network.

Vulnerability Assessment should be complemented with Penetration Testing

A penetration test duplicates the actions of an attacker by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities identified in the vulnerability assessment process. The goal of penetration testing is to determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activity is possible from inside the SCADA or ICS network. A network penetration test will help you to:

  • Identify security flaws present in the environment and opportunities that hackers may use to compromise systems
  • Understand the level of risk for your organization by finding where your organization is lacking in ICS and SCADA security.
  • Help address and fix identified network security flaws by effectively remediating any issues uncovered during penetration test.

An independent vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of your ICS security and SCADA security posture provides reassurance to your regulators, employees, and customers that cyber security is effectively managed and governed by your government.

Tips to Set Up Your New Candy Shop Business

Wondering about how to set up your new candy store is a constant thing that might hit your mind, if you are planning to come up with one. Some of the most crucial decisions that you may require taking are venue, menu, price list, profits, staff requirements, and many others. Have you ever thought about going online and setting up a candy store chain that can help you earn handsome profits without actually owning any physical space? Going digital is much profitable as compared to owning a traditional candy shop. If you’re planning to hit the web soon with your amazing candy collections, then here are a few tips to help you complete step-by-step process from start to success:

Why Choose E-Commerce Platforms?

Choosing the idea of owning a digital candy store is way better than setting up a traditional candy store and compromising on your profits. Since a digital candy store can be run from anywhere, it is highly imperative to consider that fact that it ensures better profits and reduced stress with it comes to store management. In most of the cases, candy store start-ups maintain their prime focus on localized manufacturing and completing retail operations to ensure that someday they can set up an online platform that can help them sell their candies to their customers without any hassle or delay.

If you’re proceeding ahead with the same thought right from the beginning, then it will be of great help and can help in ensuring better profits in lesser time. Establishing a huge clientele online and expanding your reach through online retailing helps in generating more traffic to your digital candy shop and makes your business website popular to drive sales.

Decide the Market and Target Group

Since toddlers and kids aren’t on web, it becomes highly important to decide the channel, market and target group that you will be catering your products to. No parent is fond of offering candies and confectionaries to their children, unless they have some exceptional nutrients and special vitamins that can help their child to grow. If candies can’t help their children to get those essential vitamins, it can help them to stay safe from health problems like tooth ache, bad stomach, diabetes, and other popular health concerns.

Offering a wide range of gluten free candies ensure that parents gets impressed with your offering and buy some candies to test them on their kids. If they will like the quality, packaging, and other impressive factors of your product, then there are higher chances that your entire candy collection will be browsed and regular orders will get placed on the portal.

Undoubtedly, selecting the best candies from a range of chocolates, hard candy, truffles, fudge, jelly beans, gems, sugar coated confectionary and other products is hard to pick, but you can browse the entire collection of gluten free candies USA to take a final call on your child’s health and fitness.

Maria Lanes is a popular nutritionist and a candy expert, who is known for sharing millions recipes that have helped hundreds of thousands in making gluten free candies. In her blogs, she writes about best gluten free candies USA, truffles, hard candy, jelly beans, fudge, and other sugar coated confectionaries that aren’t too bad for your kids

The 5 Best Growth Hacking Tools For Your Business

Growth hacking is basically about optimization and lead organization for a business. Startups today, rely on growth hacking for a rapid growth at an early-stage launch phase.

Growth hacking basically helps lower cost per customer acquisition and most importantly long-term sustainability. And as it is always said, customer retention costs less than customer acquisition ,so, growth hacking is a boon for startups. There are a number of growth hacking tools that can be used so as to expand the business in the most crazy manner.

Is your business new to the market? Are you looking for ways to gain exposure and be known? Well, then you have landed at the correct place. We are here to tell you about the most efficacious growth hacking tools that can help grow your business effectively:


Qualaroo is a highly efficient growth hacking tool that enables you to survey specific groups of website visitors so as to gain qualitative information. It lets you understand your customers, their interests, and requirements that they might be looking for on your site.

Crazy Egg:

Crazy Egg is the best growth hacking tool that helps you know where exactly your visitors are clicking on your site. It enables you to learn about the latest trends amongst the customers. It offers you a growth map tool that tells you how far down visitors are scrolling and at what point visitors abandon the page. Crazy egg also lets you know where different traffic sources click on your site.


This growth hacking tool is meant to filter your followers. It actually enables you to follow only those people whose content entices you. Tribeboost lets you set filters so as to differentiate users depending upon the number of their followers, and engagement level.


Unbounce is more than just a growth hacking tool. It’s an A/B testing tool that enables the marketers to check the performance of their landing pages using a ‘drag-and-drop’ feature and that too without the need of any complex code. Using Unbounce, you can know the browsing pattern of your visitors by testing any landing page and then optimize it accordingly.


This is a popular tool for growth hacking that enables engineering, product, and marketing to collaborate on designing personalized customer interactions. You can use Vero to track and store your event stream in real time using its segment integration. Vero actually enables you to tailor your growth hacking strategy according to your prospects’ preferences.

Investing Online Has Its Benefits- Figure Out How You Can be Benefitted

Online investing! Have you have taken the next step yet? Nowadays savvy investors find investment online as an opportunity.

The features that people now have at their fingertips were unavailable just a decade ago. The swiftness of which you can spend with an internet broker, along easily useful (you can operate in your underwear), makes traditional local broker agents appear obsolete when it comes to small business investment.

More and more people are taking to “active investing” rather than simply sticking to mutual funds suggested by their advisors. This implies atypical investors are actually taking active jobs in their portfolios and experiencing greater returns through startup investment offerings, if indeed they really know what they are doing.

To become an active investor, you must know what you are doing. It is your money we are discussing about here. The truth is, knowing that we now have ways to net up to 18%+ earnings on investment funds that are rarely more risky than what most people consider safe today (common money, diversification), you can rarely live with yourself by giving your money in a “safe” 4% fund.

I work with visitors to change their perceptions in what can be done with small business investment today. The various tools available online for buyers are simply awesome when you see the actual fact that investing information and the latest developments would need to wait to attain you until these were paper and flown to whatever area of the country you live in.

Now you can track and trade and get your news up to the time to find investment online resources, many of which are free to use. That is turning former amateur investors into dynamic investors instantly.

There are dangers although, plus they all want to do with education. Insufficient experience can get you into a lot of problems, placing your money and retirement at stake.

But a bit of education may take you places you never thought financially possible.

If you are ready to open those doors and escape the 2%-4% doldrums you will need a couple of things:

  1. The training to become good productive investor
  2. The proper tools to make your task easy and fun, with less than 2 hours of weekly investing

But you’ll also need education to safeguard you from the faults that the majority of first-time active investors make. As well as for that education, I recommend “Point and Figure Charting, 3rd Release” by Tom Dorsey. Online trading research can be carried out on the site brought up in Tom’s booklet and offers almost everything an investor would want for a tiny monthly subscription.

I ensure that once you get started doing active investing and also start noticing dividends over 10%, you will get connected like so numerous others who’ve become active investors for his or her own account.

Need For A Business Centre in Your Workplace

A workplace that is well designed has a great effect on your mental health. The modern office enables employees to communicate, collaborate and most importantly increase the feeling of team. In a competitive business, no one would want to waste the potential of their workforce just because the workplace isn’t satisfying. The appearance of the workplace and the environment influence on the employee’s performance significantly. One of the business centers in Mumbai has seen a great result in the performance of their employees after a change in their centers.

Workplace choice is a part of a broader culture of self-sufficiency.

  • The thought of workplace itself should make the employee happy & energetic
  • Fun, creativity should be experienced as soon as the employee walks inside the office
  • It offers challenges and the much-required confidence in achieving it
  • The employee should get the feeling of freedom in terms of thought, spirit, change and authority

The employee spends a lot of time in and around the workplace. Thus the physical environment influences the well being and further affects the performance. When employees are satisfied and happy with workplace the outcome becomes satisfactory. There have been number of studies that have proved that the office environment and its physical aspects have a momentous outcome of activities, perceptions and efficiency of the employees.

Things to consider while renting a business centre

  • Foremost evaluate if you really need a space. You can consider doing your current workplace. Interior designer can turn out to be helpful in redoing your current business centre. You can consider both the aspects and find the one that is beneficial.
  • The location of your centre is very important. A space that is convenient for most of your employees would be a good idea.
  • The location must be easily accessible to all modes of transport facility and emergency requirements like hospital etc. Other basic amenities like restaurants, coffee shops would be required for business dealing. These have to be around your office space
  • Keep your budget in mind. Since you have already decided to move, it means to have a lot of other things into consideration including budget.
  • Keep an account of extra expenses that may occur when you move into your space.
  • Make sure the agreement and the lease in clear and it has all the important details and add on’s as promised. For example the painting of the office, internet facility, proper cables for the computers, electricity and generators, furniture etc before you move in.
  • You can always contact an office space solutions company with years of experience
  • Ensure that you have considered extra room for you to grow. Keeping growth in mind and finding an office accordingly will impede the requirement of a change in future.

The Role Of Effective Advertising Campaign For Business

Presently, people became more aware about what they are purchasing. Mainly they are searching for two things on their each and every purchases and these are price and quality. They often want to get better quality belongings with a lower price which force them research more before taking final decision. This is the where effective advertising campaign required to increase the brand awareness among customers.

The basic objective of the advertising is to grab the word out that you have something exciting to offer. This can be in various ways, from future entertainment event you are just promoting and if at new product line you are selling. Furthermore, if there is a political event, then you are managing and the expansion of a well established platform or can served as the officially hanging out a shingle for the first business. No matter whether you are choosing print ads, commercials, billboards or just handbills for your brand promotion but contents should be chosen those adheres to the rule of journalism.

An effective advertising campaign assists to elevate the brand awareness among the people and along with that, educates them the benefits and the service. For instance, if someone will watch a visual advertisement regarding joint pain which is describing aches and pains those are experienced by the viewer, he may not go to doctor to get remittance or may not worry from the side effects as that adversities described all.

With the throat-cut competition era, following proper advertising procedures will give you a boost to reach with largest audience to evaluate how your products or service a way ahead from the competitors. Just imagine, if there is an advertise playing on TV about your essential household and you were suffering from a high price from previous product, you will surely jump to purchase the displayed product if it has a lower price tag than the former. In this way a brand can cross huge tide of competition and will remain on the safe zone than the rivals. On the other hand, political ads are another good example of how the advertising serves with all layers of comparisons of the political candidates qualifications and proper voting records from the voters to showcase their choices at the polls.

Apart from advertising campaigns, there are some proven methods to follow in order to grab huge customer base. Various discount coupons are now introduced in order to get the things better and customers are satisfied while they get their essentials with a lower price tag. Groupon coupons are able to provide its customers the same service with a lower price tag. So if you want to take advantages from such services, just browse internet and find out the valid coupon.

5 Amazing Tricks That Can Help You With India Market Entry Strategy

India is one of the most populous countries in terms of market and is the 7th biggest economy of the world in terms of GDP. Though the country is said to be the second most populous market in the world, but still entering in the Indian market as a new startup is not easy.

If you are also a startup and wish to know the various India Market Entry Strategy options, then here are a few tricks that can surely help you out. Following these tricks can surely ensure that you will have stable settlement here.

Finding The Correct Partner

If you are about to enter the Indian market, the first thing that you should consider is finding a good partner. The best option is to get a local partner who is able to understand the Indian market well, one who understand the market. The local partner can provide helpful assistance for you because he or she can introduce you to the regulations and other important points of the Indian market.

Also a local understands the mindset of the consumers better, researchers in a particular region are well-verses with the nuances of that particular region. So, the analysis will be easier and one can come up with better research regarding the products and services in question.

Localizing Of Products

India is a diverse country where each state is different from the other. Hence, a colorful combination of different cultures can be easily witnessed here. As people are different in different states, of course, their tastes and preferences will be also different from each other. In order have a successful market hold, you should have a research of all the market location and then provide a product as per the taste of the consumers. This may take in some good effort for research and product development, but still it brings in the best results.

Price Strategy

When you are entering an Indian market, one of the most important factors that you should consider is that of pricing. Maximum of the population in the country belongs to the middle class strata and also to the lower middle class. Already there will be a number of competitors in the market who must be offering the product at a good cost. Here lies a challenge for you. You need to provide the product at a much lesser price and also need to make profit from the sales at the same time. Thus, the second trick is to think crucially over the price strategies.

Long Term Growth

If you are entering the Indian market with a motto of a quick growth and a quick result, then this is not the right place for you. The Indian market is flooded with competitions and hence consumers take time to judge a particular option and to accept it. Hence, it is a long term process where you need to wait for some good time before you start getting the actual result.

If you can keep up with the patience and plan up and implement various strategies, then surely you are capable of winning the race in the long run. There are a number of such big brands that has gone a long way to become famous after a long time in the market.

Taking Care Of Legal Procedures

The Indian legal system has created a number of rules and regulations in the protection of consumers, retailers and many others. Not abiding by the rules and regulations can shut down your business or may take your brand name to downfall. You should either have a detailed knowledge about all these regulations or you should have a good legal expert in your team who will intimidate you about various things from time to time so that no hindrance may come up in between.

Every day a new company is getting added in the Indian market, but it is not necessary that everyone will get success. To get successful after entering the Indian market, it is important to have a proper planning and you that you should have a proper India market entry strategy in your mind. The above mentioned tricks are some of the most basic yet important and all time useful tricks that can help the clients to enter the Indian market and get successful.

5 Reasonably Priced Franchise Business Opportunities in India

When economic condition of any country shows unsteadiness and unable to cope with other fastest developing economies then complications may arise while starting any new business. Hence entrepreneurs show interest in buying franchise and happily operated someone else’s proven concept. There are flourishing franchise business opportunities have proven exceptional well to earn huge profits. In short span of time franchising model outperformed other projects because by becoming a franchisor you have official authority to use proven business model and brand name of franchisee. At present scenario there are number of franchisees which are eager to expand but be careful while investing money. You can look for franchisees operating in different segments. For example:

1. Food and beverage

We all are well aware about the fact that food and drinks are vital part of our daily routines. In recent times, exaggerating growth has been registered due to increased demand for ready to eat fast food items. You can go for various franchisees that offer cost-effective services. For example, there are several low cost business opportunities which can choose to start you own business like Chatar Patar. Hence complete research is required before betting on any franchisee.

2. Retail

Retailing is one of the profitable business opportunities which are immensely popular among the entrepreneurs. Especially Indian subcontinent has figured as best destination to invest in retailing. The modern retail market comprises of supermarket, departmental stores, speciality chains, etc. unorganized and organized is also two different subcategory of retail industry.

3. Entertainment

After hectic working hours everyone look to refresh themselves. They look for different entertainment places which provide a complete sigh of relief. In addition, media and entertainment industry is poised to become billion dollar industry in forthcoming years. Hence there are ample business opportunities in this segment too.

4. Health and fitness

It is one of the exceptional money making business ventures. People are more concern for their body and healthy. Growing demand has led the foundation of number of health and fitness franchise across the world that you can bet on. Indian market is also shining high with presence of famous national and global corporations.

5. Jewellery

Everyone on the planet wants to look beautiful. Both men and women have shown tremendous interest in buying fancy jewellery items. You can see also famous Bollywood and Hollywood starts endorsing on social media, television and offline media. Hence you can opt for start your own jewellery store to earn huge profits and also serve the society.

The Essential Checklist For Finalising a Place For Your Office

Many business houses these days are using the serviced office concept. Many start up companies find the concept of serviced office very helpful as they practically solve their space problem. Being a new company it might not have enough funds to invest in the place for office.

Also by getting serviced office in Melbourne, the startup can concentrate on other important work, when they are carefree after getting a space to start their business from.Many virtual businesses also opt for this method of renting a space for their office for better productivity.

Every business needs to have a good location for their business to attract maximum customers. That is why more and more people are using Melbourne offices to rent for maximising the potential of their business.

Many organisations keep these serviced offices as a backup plan for emergency situations. The work gets hampered many a times due to an emergency, but when you have serviced office option, the work can be continued with the same ease and comfort.

Also the themed office concept cut down the costs of the expenses. But care should be taken before taking up any space for rent. Don’t just get attracted with the affordable rates at which they are available to you. There are many such other important things to be considered which is jotted down below.

The Address of the Serviced Office:

There is heavy competition in business these days and the location of the office works as an important element to stay ahead of your competitors. The location you choose to work from, has a great impact on creating reputation in the eyes of the clients. It has a good impression over your customers. All the well known business house have their office in such established location and having your office in one such location is equal to building credibility in the eyes of the customers.

The Interior Design:

Every office should have a different decorum as per the nature of the business carried out there. The service office providers shall be able to do the interiors of your office as per your requirements and give the look as per your need.

You may need a corporate look or a colourful and vibrant creative plan for your office. This has to be clearly mentioned and discussed. Many choose to have unconventional designs that boost the productivity and creativity.

Signing of Contract:

With the serviced office concept you are given the choice of entering into contract even for a smaller period of time.It is unlike the traditional lease system and can have contracts for less than a year’s time too. In a short period of time you can also get a chance to test their services.

Relaxing Environment:

All the people who have taken the space on rent can easily use the other amenities and facilities in the building. Some buildings have an open terrace system. Some others provide outdoor and indoor garden for fresh air. There are also some lounges for chit chatting of the employees.

Restaurant EPOS System Helps You Deliver With Ease

That’s the situation where EPOS comes into handy. They are time efficient and powerful tools for obtaining sales, stock, issuing receipts and securing business transactions. A good restaurant EPOS system will always help to run your business in a smoother way.

The restaurant EPOS is designed in such a way that it has a user friendly floor management system. It helps in combining or moving around of tables. Updates regarding floor plans made at rapid speed. Can create or edit your menu online in just minutes with the help of interface. With the help of simple menu creation, items can be created or edited. Updates can be done quickly. You can also upload images and information to the EPOS. This ensures your staff never forgets the pairing and helps in taking orders quickly.

The rich list of modules enables options takeaway, table and order management and there are some other modules for reporting and business intelligence. With the help of these modules we get a detailed analysis over business performance. A complete or a micro level data can be viewed which is reliable and accurate. Schedule staff members, individual performance of staff, end of day reports can be generated. Reports can be viewed regardless of the device you view.

Every restaurateur needs complete management software to control and grow a successful business. Multi language and multi currency a truly global solution. Reservation of tables, layouts are useful when there are some promotions or loyalty programs are held. Split tenders and service charges, discounts for loyal customers. Customer loyalty programs with promotion management. Categorizing of loyal customers and offering them with special discounts. Even you can promote your promotional programs, if any.

Cloud based options are available. Some customers who want information and data backup needed. On-site options for those who do not want to share their data. Processing of transactions at a rapid speed. Real time business Intelligence reports with alerts. Smart purchasing of stocks so that the wastage in minimized. Transactions are done at a rapid speed. Google maps and caller ID’s are also available to takeaway management. There is no need of any internet connection. It is compatible on all most all systems and easy setup.

If anyone is having multi tills or planning to have multi stores with multi tills then this Emperium solution is the best fit with options to integrate with chip and pin. Configuration of the system is set in such a way that any third party integration is done. Customers are freely trained. Installation is free and there is a 24/7 free support from the team. Supports for every type of business, whether it may small or large. Third party configuration is one the most rapid in the industry.